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XHIBIT Daily Court Status - Court List

What is XHIBIT..?

XHIBIT improves the daily business of every Crown Court in England and Wales by providing hearing information to those who need it within minutes.

XHIBIT is the first step in joining-up the Criminal JusticeSystem.

'The potential of this system is immense. It will revolutionise the way we work and think.' - Julie Puddy, HM Young Offender Institution Feltham

What does XHIBIT do..?

Contributing to swifter justice, XHIBIT sends vital hearing information from the courtroom to:

Paper records and hand written logs will be a thing of the past as Court Clerks record Crown Court events as they happen using new technology in every court.

'Being able to have up to date information at the press of a few buttons is fabulous.' - Sandra Gafney, Deputy List Officer

Potential Benefits of XHIBIT

'If you can deliver the right information this quickly, I can have it on PNC before the individual leaves the court building.' - David Sinclair, PNC resulting Bureau

The rollout of XHIBIT was completed on 31 March 2006.

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