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To get divorced you must have been married for more than one year. You must complete a form, called a 'Petition', giving the reasons why you are applying, to show your marriage is definitely over. If you have children you also complete a form called the 'statement of arrangements' in which you tell the court what plans you have made for the children once the divorce is final.

Some county courts and the Principal Registry of the Family Division in London deal with divorce and other family cases. If your local county court does not handle divorce applications, the staff will tell you the nearest county court that can help.

Stage 1. Starting proceedings

About Divorce (Leaflet D183)

I want a divorce - what do I do? (Leaflet D184)

Children and divorce (Leaflet D185)

Stage 2. Response

The respondent has replied to my petition - what do I do? (Leaflet D186)

Stage 3. Decree nisi

I have a decree nisi - what must I do next? (Leaflet D187)


Ancillary Relief/Financial Orders
I want to Apply for a Financial Order (leaflet D190)


Civil Partnership Dissolution


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