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03 February 2012
We are celebrating the two year anniversary of this website, as part of the celebration we have launched our own TV channel where you can see our documentary films on your computer via the broadband. For some entertaining viewing.

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Victims & Witnesses

Victims and Witnesses

It would appear that many people who have been forced to seek justice in the British Courts have ended up as victims. This site is a witness to this. Furthermore there are many people who finally became victims of the authorities and large organizations as a result of what has been done to them by the courts.

We hope this website will enlighten you.

There are many people complaining about Large Law Firms abusing their resources, to ride rough-shod over individuals whio cannot afford a legal defense, cannot get legal aid, or a pro-bona solicitor to represent them.

Often they do not comply with civil procedure rules, nor do they comply with court orders from County Courts.

For some reason the judges and the court management system allow these Bastards too much latitude. They would not allow any individual to do the things that firms like Humpries Kirk of Poole and Shoosmiths solicitors of Northampton do to others in legal proceedings.

We shall be presenting evidence of how large organisations and large law firms abusing the courts process. Unfortunately the courts in the UK are not geared up to deal with fraud, pujury, other forms of misconduct and dishonesty committed by large organisations. Its easier for the judges to rule against the victims.

We are showing documentary film footage of what a Dishonest Judge did to a victim in the Bournemouth County Court on the 13th December 2011 - Judge Dancey

Many people have complained to us about this shyster Dancey. He has been described as a nasty masonic scum-bag amongst other descriptions. We make no judgement as to the description of Dancey, we leave it up to people reading this site to try him in the court of public opinion.

Mr Roger Hayes attended court as a common law advocate representing Liz Watson.

It is well established in common-law that a person in legal proceedings has the right to a lay-advocate as opposed to a qualified lawyer. The legal precedent authority giving this force of law, was the case of Mckenzie v Mckenzie. As such, an un-qualified common-law advocate is referred to as a Mckenzie Friend.

Dancey committed major judicial misconduct by ordering Roger Hayes out of the court and refusing to allow him to support Liz Watson who was the subject of these proceedings. This was serious judicial misconduct from Dancey who has had many such allegations bought to our attention, however we sight this one as we have firm documented evidence of Dancey committing a criminal offence of criminal misfeasance in a british court of law.

Unfortunately in Britain we cannot find any straight and just court which is the reason why we have launched this website. People say you would probably get a fairer hearing in Lagos. The only difference being people believe that Nigeria is corrupt and the UK is straight.

By detailing the evidence on this website we hope to bring to the attention of people both inside and outside the UK, the corruption and dishonesty of the UK Justice System in all is subtle forms and we ask the question, Are the Courts in Nigeria now operating to a better standard of Justice than those in the UK?

To see details of another victim than Dancey has stitched up Mr Ken Cook, and Ken's description of Dancey - Click Here

The footage below shows one group of people who were so angry with the hankie pankie of a London Law Firm that they filmed a demonstration using a van outside the high court.

A Crime Against Humanity - Sent by a Victim in Bristol - July 2012

In 2003 the writer was interviewed for an allegation of having savings in excess of £8000 when applying for benefit. When out of work, the writer made applications for benefit. He explained that the amount of money in a bond was a pension provision agreed by DWP in 1999. This is because he was self employed and had no other effective scheme. In 2003 DWP disagreed claiming that the annuities should have been declared as savings to invalidate claims for benefit. At interview he was charged but this did not represent an offence in law. He was asked to pay more than £12000 back as overpaid benefit which he did immediately on the grounds that there must have been a mistake.

In 2004 he was summons by Elaine Laken of North Avon Magistrates Court on informations served by Carl Roberts of the DWP prosecution. The summons charges were never mentioned before. Indeed, they were false charges. DWP and the Court also failed to disclose a document of the case and witnesses, but this was controlled by his solicitor Mrs Hays of Hoole & Co Bristol.

She had failed to realise that the summons was a fake. Also the monies were falsely claimed back and no redress was permitted by the judiciary despite the law. However, the trial was conducted on the dispute (not the charges) with a guilty verdict. The writer did not understand the case or the law at that time because his conviction was labelled using the charges in the summons. He took this to Crown appeal but this took a year since the DWP refused to make disclosures causing the appeal to be dismissed. However, Judge Darwall-Smith the Crown Judge granted an appeal by case stated on the grounds that the summons charges were defective.

This was later struck out by Sir Andrew Collins Admin Court, because, The Barrister for DWP Eric Waley with the Judge forged a document (made false testimony) to portray itself in the form of an application to refuse judicial review to bi-pass the appellant. On subsequent unsuccessful appeals and refusals without grounds from High Court judges, the DWP eventually disclosed in 2010 the document of the prosecution’s case.

This could not prove the charges in the summons. Indeed it was not a true testimony of the case against the accused and had not been verified in law. Further it described the complaint against the accused at interview and did not touch on the summons. In a Judicial Review of 2011, the compelling evidence grew against the Courts criminal conduct. The defendants, Elaine Laken & Dominic Box, who served the false summons, hid evidence with the DWP to conceal acts of Perjury. No submissions were made by them to defend this conduct. So the presiding Justice Silber swapped the defendants to render their immunity from claim: he then inserted the DWP prosecution team, instructed by Ministers Steve Webb and Ian Duncan-Smith.

He then struck out the case and awarded costs accruing to in excess £2000 against the writer. To cap it all, Minister Steve Webb and Ian Duncan Smith applied for Civil Restraint to prevent all rights of appeal without any hearings, granted by Justice Silber. The writer has since applied for a private prosecution against the Magistrates under subornation of Perjury with DWP. The police refuse to investigate these serious allegations which are now proven. This abuse of Government is defined as a crime against humanity.

MR Ken Cook - The Victim of a Dishonest Law Firm

Lester Aldridge SHYSTERS


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