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03 February 2012
We are celebrating the two year anniversary of this website, as part of the celebration we have launched our own TV channel where you can see our documentary films on your computer via the broadband. For some entertaining viewing.

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Criminal Prosecutions - Many of these people are in fact Political Prisioners

See the fit-up's and injustice in criminal cases

Our webstats show that people from around the world log on to our websites. In particular we ask people from countries with fragile democracies where the UK are telling these people that they should have a democaracy and a rule of law like ours, ask yourself do you really want a judicial system like this one? We hope this website will enlighten you. Britian likes to critisize other countries for having political prisioners, when in fact we have many in the UK. These poor people are framed with criminal convictions and treated like criminals, when in fact they should have political status in the prison regieme.

The Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six

These are two of the worst cases of people being fitted up by the police along with the connivance of the forensic back room boys. In the case of the Guildford Four they also were tortured into making confessions which subsequently convicted them of a crime that they had no involvement in.

At the time the head of the antiterrorist squad was commander George Churchill-Coleman, a senior freemason in the Lodge Manor of St James. He was never investigated or charged with the fitting up and framing of the Guildford Four.

To see information about his Masonic Protection - Click Here None of the other policemen serving in the anti-terrorist squad at the time were investigated dispute an ongoing campaign about the innocence of the Guildford Four. They left those people in prison for years, knowing that they were innocent and that the genuine IRA Bomber who committed the crime had in-fact been captured at the Balcombe Street siege in London NW1.

Another reason why they left those people in prison was that many other anti-terrorist squad officers were being fast track promoted or having university degrees sponsored by the police and payed for by the British Tax Payer.

Many people say they were protected by Freemasonary although this can never be proved.

One such officer destined for fast track promotion and protected all the way to the top was Martin Baker, now Chief Countable of Dorset. No wonder there is a culture of covering up police misconduct in Dorset.

To see information on the Fit-Up of the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six - Click Here

Chris Plumley Channel 4 Dispatches investigates City of London Police Corruption, Operation BOHAN & Kroll. Operation Bohan was a £1,000,000 Counter Terrorism Operation to arrest Ian Puddick.

Robin Cracknell talks about Kris Manalien - BBC News 5 Live (Radio Interview)

Robin Cracknell was the victim of Internet Harassment by Kris Manalien AKA Christopher Hobby of Bournmouth. Hobby / Kris Manalien was convicted at Richmond Magistrates Court for the Internet Harassment of Artist Robin Cracknell, Hobby / Manalien was sent to Wandsworth Prison as a result.

Following Manalien's conviction for the harrasment of Robin Cracknell, he then has a go at Iian Lee on Social Media followed by phoning in to his radio show. In fact Manalien has a habit of vindictive communications to people. See the footage below.